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Here Kiddie-Kiddie! Taming Toddlers for a Fashion Photoshoot


Join Cape Town Product Photographer and Author of the Getaway Magazine Photography Masterclass on her photographic adventures in and out of the studio. 

Here Kiddie-Kiddie! Taming Toddlers for a Fashion Photoshoot

Robyn Daly

I love photographing kids … most days. This fashion photoshoot for Traders Warehouse had some highs and some howlers!


Fast Moving Fashion Goods! Is that a category like FMCG? It’s the stuff that flies out the store faster than a tin of baked beans being hurled by a cowboy. This is the space that fashion retailer Trader's Warehouse plays in. They’re a big chain with 19 stores in the Western Cape. The clothes are great and, because there are killer bargains, they move fast! A Traders photoshoot is just as fast-moving and there’s always a massive volume to shoot in a short period of time. Just lately they have started including models in the studio shoots, but not all of them are tame …. some are wild little children with their own ideas about what look sells an outfit.

Supermodel on the run from Mum!

Supermodel on the run from Mum!


On this particular day we had a photography shoot list from here till next week, plus three nappie-touting toddlers who had never before been under studio lights. Now strobes can be quite scary for the really young kids: some are born little actors while others can’t cope. I find the boys more trainable than the girls, perhaps because they are more easily distracted by toys and coerced by Zoo biscuits.

Of the 3 toddler models that morning, I had 2 boys who were born to be stars! And one little girl who was determined to start a new trend in runway poses: the hand-in-mouth pout! Or, my personal favourite, the ball-in-mouth-pout! She was super-cute actually but caused her mother no end of embarrassment, particularly when she got loose and was running around the car park goading mom into a game of Tag. So i guess it was quite apt that the Fast-Moving Fashion Goods FMFGs were modeled by a FMTG (Fast-Moving-Toddler Girl).

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